The Expedition Happiness Bus

Welcome to our Loft on Wheels

Finding the right Bus

We bought the bus online on: www.wesellschoolbuses.com while we were still in Germany. The company we bought it from is pretty reliable and they even offer to deliver the bus to wherever we need it. We're the first customers ever to buy a bus without having seen it in person.Everyone thinks we're crazy and they're kinda right you should definitely check out your future home on wheels to reduce risks and unpredicted costs at a later time.

We chose a Thomas International Bus from 1996 with around 120.000 mileage. It used to drive up to 78 kids to school in Pennsylvania for the past twenty years. Another beginners mistake was to buy the longest there was. The longest isn't always the best though we will have to make a lot of compromises on the road with a bus as long as ours.


Length: 12m
Widht: 2,4m
Height: 3m

That's one big yellow bus!

Living room & cockpit

The coolest thing in our bus is probably the old door mechanism that we kept of course. When you open the door, three steps that are covered in door mats lead to the entrance area. We covered the engine and the dashboard in wood and painted it with chalkboard paint, so that visitors can leave us a message. In the drivers doom we kept everything pretty simple but Felix has everything he needs for a comfortable ride. A fan for hot days and a GPS for Rvs to make sure we don't accidently drive somewhere we can't get out again. Thanks to our rear view camera and Felix driving skills we could always back out again though...

In the living area the three of us have plenty of space. The table folds down so that Rudi can stretch his legs a little while we drive. Our Eames chairs somehow don't move around at all even when the roads are bumpy or in sharp turns. We designed the couch ourselves – it has two big drawers for our camera gear and even folds out to a double bed. Plenty of room for visitors – wanna come?

The kitchen - the heart of our bus

We designed and built the entire kitchen and customized it to our needs. It has all you could wish for and I'm pretty sure it's bigger than the loft kitchen we had back in berlin. From a freezer and an oven to a toaster and a blender I have everything I need to cook delicious meals on the road. A set of pots and pans, a knife block, bakeware beautiful mugs and plates and plenty of space to store food. I ordered our utensils from all over the world: An old milk can from Ukraine, Linen dish towels from Latvia, wooden cutting boards from a little shop round the corner. In my opinion all of that and a big amount of love created the most beautiful kitchen that was ever built in an rv.

Toilet and shower

We 're very happy with our decision to buy a compost toilet. We're reducing our environmental footprint and don't need a black water tank – our visits to the toilet are perfectly normal and comfy nonetheless. Well as comfy as it gets in a teeny tiny room where you can't even stand up straight – but who stands in a toilet, right?

The shower on the opposite side of the little corridor however is not only spacious but pretty special for a rv shower. For four days straight I covered the entire shower with dark green handmade tiles from Mercury Mosaics. Everyone doomed us crazy: „They will break/that's over the top/you don't need that!“ and so on, but when we get something into our heads no one can change our mind. Many gravel roads, winding mountain roads and bumps later not a single tile broke and we're happy with our decision.

The bedroom - big and cozy

When we ask real nice Rudi shares the queen sized bed with us. One half folds up so we can store bulky stuff like our outside table, my guitar, or tools. The other half has 4 big drawers for our clothes. Towels, toilet paper and all sorts of stuff goes in the big closet and the cubbies behind the bed function as a nightstand alternative. We even built in outlets so we can charge our phones at night. A pretty laundry basket, a 32 inch TV with Apple TV and our personal star peep hole top it off.

You like our bus and the work we put in it? You can't wait for a new VLOG or Blog? Then we would appreciate your support!